Mission Statement

The mission of Kwote Advisor is to simplify the buying process for homeowners and business owners. We make it easy to connect with trusted brands all across the United States. With just a few clicks you’ll get quotes from 3-5 vetted companies in your area.

Management Team

Kwote Advisor Management Team, Braiden Cynar, Tammy Cynar, Kiersten Piccini, Mike Cynar, Dan Pine


Our company was founded by Michael Cynar, Braiden Cynar, and Daniel Pine. We are proud to also have on our management team Tammy Cynar and Kiersten Piccini. We got started in the comparison shopping business in 1991. We started in very niche markets that covered industries like payroll, coffee service, and a few home improvement solutions. We had no idea how big this was going to get. Unfortunately, we were trying to do this through over 50 different websites.

Kwote Advisor Corporate Office

After seeing such great success we decided to give ourselves a huge facelift. We started Kwote Advisor and it was built to be a one-stop solution to serve as a quote engine for B2B and B2C buying needs.

BUYERS BENEFITS: Buyers get to enjoy hundreds of free online guides to help them in their buying journey on every day needs for business and home improvement solutions. Our first goal is education. We want you to know what to look for before we connect you with suppliers. Once buyers feel equipped, they can use our free tool to be connected with vetted companies in their area to receive 3 to 5 competitive quotes.

SUPPLIER BENEFITS: Suppliers get matched up with serious consumers who are actively engaged and ready to make purchasing decisions. Many suppliers report close rates upwards of 40%. We guarantee the quality of each lead will be from valid prospects or the supplier doesn’t pay for them.


1 – Be Moral and Ethical – We all want to earn money, and if possible lots of it. But business ethics comes first. We have discovered that real freedom comes from having good morals and ethics. From how to treat our employees to the services we offer our suppliers and site visitors, we value all of you and vow to always do the right thing, even if that means losing a few bucks.

2 – Celebrate Good Workers – We know how important it is to feel respected, valued, and appreciated. We are committed to showing it with more than words. From bonuses and large wage increases for helping us to grow, our employees will ALWAYS know that we value good work.

3 – Keep Growing – When companies stop growing their employees lose. Growth is the foundation for raises, promotions, benefits, and helping ALL of our team to reach financial independence.

4 – Rince and Repeat 1,2,3 – Keep doing what works. Ethics/Morals build strong companies and better employees. Celebrating employees builds on our success. Success allows us to grow and enjoy a better life. Success allows us to be charitable. Success allows us to help others. When a few succeed many can reap the benefits.

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