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Metered mail is a great way to keep your business running smoothly. Postage meters can help employees be more productive by cutting down on their trips outside of the office. Metered mail offers a professional stamp on your post that will make you look good to potential clients.  

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Postage meters cannot be purchased and are only available by a lease. Learn more about the cost of renting postage meters near me.

Considering the time and money that can be saved by having a postage machine in your office, it’s no wonder why more businesses are embracing this technology. Not only does printing exact change save you from running out at just the wrong moment but also means less risk for theft or loss.

If you invest more than $500 per year on postage, your office will enjoy a considerable reduction in operational costs when you invest in an efficient and cost-effective postage machine for small businesses.

Postage Meter Buying Guide

Scale vs Meter: What’s the difference between a scale and a meter? A postage meter is used to measure how much mailing paper you have out on your counter, while scales can be purchased separately if needed. Meters print indicia – otherwise known as “stamps” for lack of a better term- which store information about where mailings came from; this way they don’t need another piece like an envelope or box with their name written across it in big black letters! Most types come equipped either digitally (like most modern day ones do) versus manually using old-school technology or both.

Benefits Include:

  • Postage scales to dynamically set postage
  • Password to Limit User Access
  • Cost Accounting codes
  • Online Postage Refills
  • Automatic date advance
  • Save Money on Package Delivery

Postage Meter Bases

The base is a crucial component of your postage meter, designed to transport mail through it. You can buy them outright or lease one. Although this may sound like a small investment now, consider how much easier sending bulk certified documents will be when everything needs its own envelopes instead. The four types of postage meter bases are:

  1. Feeder Base
  2. Sealer
  3. Stacker
  4. Tape Dispenser

Postage Meter Repair Fees

There are NO FEES for repairing or maintaining a postage meter. If you’re looking to lease a meter, it’s important that before signing on the dotted line and handing over your money- make sure there will be any service obligations from repairs. The manufacturer may only offer technicians located far away or they could come right out in person at no cost.

Postage Meter Stamp Refills

The hassle of lugging your meter everywhere just to add more stamps is long gone. You can now refill them over the phone with no need for extra trips!

  • Refill by Phone
  • Refill Online

If you have a modern USPS postage meter and want to update your account with the post office, there’s an easy way. You can just plug in a little phone jack (provided by the supplier) which will let new refills come straight from your account. If rates change at all though then everything gets updated automatically too so no need for math skills here.

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