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24×7 phone answering services are the perfect solution for companies that have an overwhelming amount of incoming customer calls. This type of service specializes in handling many kinds of calls, which means it can take on different types of problems to better assist your callers!

Featured Answering Service Providers



Inbound/Outbound Calling
50 Years Experience
Cost: $1.39/Minute
MAP Communications

MAP Communication

100% Employee Owned
HIPAA Compliant
Cost: $47/month + $1.37/Minute


Virtual Address $65/Month
Free Trial
Cost: $33/Month + #1.40/Minute
Ruby Receptionist

Ruby Receptionists

Live Chat
Dynamic Integrations
Cost: $235/Month – 50 Receptionist Minutes

Business Answering Service Solutions  

Wondering how you get the ROI from a business answering service? Here are a few benefits:

  • Cost Less: Only Pay for actual time operators are on calls
  • 24 Hour Support: Never miss a call or sales opportunity
  • Multilingual: Capture more market share with English and Spanish-speaking operators.
  • Lead Capture: Capture leads even if you are not available to answer the phone.

Hiring an answering service will help your employees deal with the additional demand of taking incoming calls.

Call centers are the most cost effective and efficient way to handle your business needs. With loads of technology and specialized equipment for each client’s customer service goals (such as improving customer satisfaction), there is no better option than an inbound call center.

Types of Answering Service Companies

There are specialized answering service solutions for all industries. Here are a few helpful topics:

Have you ever been in a situation where your office was interrupted by phones that never stopped ringing? Are employees overcommitted to handling incoming sales and service calls, even if it’s not their responsibility? Do you want an efficient way of managing those pesky collected voicemail messages from clients who can’t get through to speak with someone on the other end of it all?

Handling High Volume Calls

Inbound answering services are a great way to handle high volumes of incoming calls. These companies specialize in taking care and channeling those difficult-to-route inquiries, so you can focus on more important tasks like running your company!

The cost of a small business answering service is not just limited to saving on employee wages and benefits. You also have the costs associated with upgrading your equipment, reconfiguring office space for new systems, or changes in process that will occur without warning when you upgrade everything at once- this could mean having extra employees on hand so they can take over some tasks while others are worked out through automation.


In general, expect to pay around $150 – $324 per month or $1.37$1.50 per operator minute.

Outsourcing your calls to an inbound call center can save you the cost of building, hiring, and training a team on their own. By paying for this service at fixed rates per hour with outsourced answering service companies today’s businesses are able to ramp up revenue faster than ever before without pouring capital into initial set-up or maintenance expenses.

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