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Top 10 Bathroom Remodeling Tips in 2023

Bathroom remodeling projects can be both exciting and daunting. They offer an opportunity to create a space that suits your personal style and needs, while also adding value to your home. Here are our top 10 tips to ensure a successful bathroom remodel in 2023.

1. Plan Ahead

Before you begin tearing out tiles and picking out paint colors, spend time planning your remodel. Consider your budget, timeline, and desired end result. Having a clear plan can help prevent costly mistakes and ensure that your project stays on track.

2. Hire a Professional Contractor

Unless you’re a seasoned DIYer, a bathroom remodel can be a complex project best left to professionals. A professional contractor has the necessary skills and knowledge to handle plumbing and electrical work, as well as any unexpected problems that may arise. Be sure to hire a reputable, licensed contractor, and check their previous work to ensure it aligns with your vision.

3. Be Realistic About Your Budget

Budgeting for a bathroom remodel can be tricky. Ensure you set a realistic budget that includes a contingency for any unexpected costs. Remember to factor in everything from new fixtures and fittings to labor costs.

4. Choose Durable, High-Quality Materials

Your bathroom is a high-traffic area that needs to withstand heavy use. Opt for high-quality materials that are both beautiful and durable. This includes tiles, countertops, and fixtures.

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5. Prioritize Lighting

Good lighting is essential in a bathroom. Consider a mix of task, ambient, and accent lighting to create a well-lit, inviting space. This could include overhead lights, sconces around the mirror, and even a stylish chandelier.

6. Don’t Forget Ventilation

Proper ventilation is critical in a bathroom to prevent mold and mildew. Ensure your plan includes an effective fan or ventilation system.

7. Think About Storage

In a bathroom, storage is often at a premium. As part of your remodel, consider creative ways to incorporate more storage, such as built-in shelves, shower niches, or a vanity with ample cabinet space.

8. Choose a Timeless Design

While it can be tempting to follow the latest design trends, it’s best to opt for a timeless design that will stand the test of time. Think neutral colors, classic fixtures, and simple, clean lines.

9. Think About Resale Value

Even if you don’t plan on selling your home soon, it’s wise to consider how your remodel will affect its resale value. A well-designed, modern bathroom can significantly boost your home’s appeal to potential buyers.

10. Remember, It’s Your Space

While it’s important to consider practicalities and resale value, ultimately, your bathroom should reflect your personal style and meet your needs. If you want a bold color or a luxurious soaking tub, go for it! Your remodel is an opportunity to create a space you’ll love for years to come.

With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to a successful bathroom remodel in 2023. Remember, careful planning, hiring the right professionals, and making smart, future-proof decisions will help ensure your new bathroom brings you joy and adds value to your home.

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Defining Bathroom Remodeling

“Bathroom remodeling” is a term that can encompass a range of projects, from minor cosmetic updates to full-scale renovations that completely transform the space. Here’s what you might consider when planning a bathroom remodel.

Scope of the Project

A bathroom remodel might involve simple changes like repainting the walls, updating light fixtures, or replacing an outdated vanity. Alternatively, a remodel can be a comprehensive overhaul, altering the bathroom layout, updating the plumbing or electrical systems, replacing the bathtub with a walk-in shower, or even expanding the space to include a double sink or larger storage area.

Considering Your Needs and Wants

When planning your bathroom remodel, it’s essential to consider what changes will best serve your needs. Perhaps you need more storage, or maybe your small bathroom feels cramped and could benefit from a layout change. You might want to replace that old pedestal sink with a stylish vanity that offers extra storage space.

Bathroom Size

The size of your bathroom will significantly influence your remodeling plans. If you’re dealing with a small bathroom or powder room, you’ll need to focus on space-saving solutions, such as installing a pedestal sink or a shower instead of a bathtub. On the other hand, a larger bathroom might accommodate a spacious walk-in shower or a standalone bathtub.

Lighting Considerations

Lighting plays a crucial role in any bathroom remodel. Proper artificial lighting can make a small bathroom appear more spacious, enhance the colors and textures of your décor, and provide functional light for tasks like applying makeup or shaving. Consider a mix of general, task, and accent lighting to ensure your bathroom is well-lit and inviting.


Bathroom remodeling also involves making aesthetic choices that reflect your personal style. This could mean choosing a bold paint color, selecting a distinctive tile for your shower, or opting for a particular style of fixtures. However, while trends can be fun to follow, remember that the best way to ensure a successful and timeless bathroom renovation is to choose a design you love.

Bathroom remodeling can be a great way to add value to your home and create a space that suits your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. Whether you’re making a few updates or planning a full-scale renovation, it’s essential to consider all aspects of the project, from the practical to the aesthetic, to ensure you’re happy with the final result.

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Signs it May be Time to Remodel Your Bathroom

Just like any other area of your home, the bathroom can show signs that it’s time for a refresh or a complete remodel. Here are some indicators to watch out for:

Outdated Fixtures and Finishes

If your bathroom still has the pink tiles or brass fixtures from decades ago, it’s probably time to consider a remodel. Outdated features can detract from your bathroom’s appearance and may not provide the functionality you need in today’s world.

Persistent Plumbing Issues

If you’re frequently calling a plumber for leaks, drips, or clogs, this could indicate that your bathroom’s plumbing system is nearing the end of its life. A remodel can address these issues and save you the cost and hassle of ongoing repairs.

Mold or Mildew

Frequent mold or mildew growth, despite regular cleaning, could be a sign that you have inadequate ventilation in your bathroom. This issue can cause significant health problems over time and should be addressed with a remodel that includes improving your bathroom’s ventilation.

Lack of Storage

Struggling to find space for towels, toiletries, and other bathroom essentials is a clear sign that a remodel could help. Modern bathroom designs often include clever storage solutions that can drastically improve functionality.

Cramped or Inefficient Layout

If your bathroom feels cramped, or the layout just doesn’t work for your needs (for instance, if the door hits the toilet or sink when opened), a remodel can help reconfigure the space for better flow and functionality.

Worn-Out Surfaces

Peeling paint, chipped tiles, or a stained tub aren’t just unsightly; they can decrease your bathroom’s functionality and make it less enjoyable to use. A remodel can address these issues and give your bathroom a fresh, clean look.

Not Meeting Your Needs

Perhaps you’ve always wanted a double vanity, a larger shower, or a standalone tub. Or maybe you need to update your bathroom to accommodate a growing family or aging in place. If your current bathroom doesn’t meet your needs, it’s an excellent time to consider a remodel.

By keeping an eye out for these signs, you can determine when it’s time to consider remodeling your bathroom. Remember, a well-planned remodel can significantly enhance your bathroom’s functionality, aesthetics, and overall value.

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How Long Does a Bathroom Remodel Take?

Embarking on a bathroom remodel is a significant commitment of time and resources. So, naturally, homeowners often wonder, “How long does a bathroom remodel take?” The answer, as with many construction-related queries, is that it depends.

Small Bathroom Remodel: A smaller, cosmetic remodel might involve replacing fixtures, painting, or updating the vanity. These kinds of projects could take as little as a week or two, depending on the extent of the work and the professionals’ schedule.

Mid-Sized Bathroom Remodel: For a more involved remodel of a mid-sized bathroom – perhaps involving replacing the tub or shower, adding new tiles, or reconfiguring the layout – you could be looking at anywhere from three to six weeks. This estimate takes into account potential issues that could extend the project, such as unanticipated plumbing problems or delays in material delivery.

Large or Master Bathroom Remodel: For a large or master bathroom remodel that involves significant changes to the layout, extensive tile work, custom cabinetry, or other complex updates, the project could take between six to twelve weeks, sometimes longer.

These timelines are estimates and can vary widely depending on several factors, including the scope of the project, the availability of materials, the efficiency of your contractors, and unforeseen problems like discovering water damage or outdated plumbing once the project is underway. Before your remodel starts, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of the projected timeline from your contractor. Regular communication throughout the project will also help you stay informed of any changes to the projected finish date. Remember, while it may be tempting to rush the process, taking the necessary time to complete the job correctly will ensure a result that you’ll be satisfied with for years to come.

A Realistic Budget for Bathroom Remodeling

Budgeting for a bathroom remodel can vary widely, depending on the scale of your project, the materials you choose, the area in which you live, and more. To help you set a realistic budget, here are some rough estimates:

  • Small or Cosmetic Remodel: For a minor remodel, where you’re updating finishes, painting walls, and replacing fixtures, expect to spend between $1,000 to $3,500. This doesn’t include the cost of labor if you’re hiring professionals.
  • Mid-Range Remodel: A mid-range bathroom remodel might include updating all the fixtures, installing a new bathtub or shower, laying new tile, and maybe adding a few luxurious extras like heated floors. For a project of this scope, you could spend anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000.
  • High-End Remodel: If you’re looking to create a luxury bathroom with high-end materials, a custom vanity, a walk-in shower, and other deluxe features, you should expect to pay $25,000 or more.
  • Labor Costs: Labor is a significant part of the bathroom remodel budget. In general, it’s safe to allocate about 20% to 30% of your budget for labor costs.
  • Unexpected Costs: Always include a contingency in your budget for unexpected costs. This should ideally be around 10-20% of your total budget.
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Remember, these are rough estimates. Prices will vary depending on the specifics of your project and your location. It’s always a good idea to get a few estimates from contractors in your area before starting a bathroom remodel to ensure that your budget aligns with your remodeling goals.

Considering Long-Term Value and Design Elements in Bathroom Remodeling

When you’re embarking on a bathroom remodel, it’s not just about what appeals to you right now. It’s also crucial to consider the long run, especially if you’re planning to sell your home in the future. Choosing elements that offer enduring appeal can significantly enhance your home’s value and help ensure a good return on your remodeling investment.

Color Palette

The color palette you choose for your bathroom can significantly affect its look and feel. While trendy colors may seem appealing now, they may not have the same appeal a few years down the line. Opting for a neutral color palette can give your bathroom a timeless appeal, and it’s also easy for potential buyers to envision adding their own accents to personalize the space.

Bathroom Design for Older Homes

If you have an older home, maintaining its character during your bathroom remodel could add to its charm and appeal. You might consider features that complement the home’s original style while offering modern functionality. Remember, though, that updating the plumbing and electrical systems in older homes can be costly but is often necessary.

Practical and Stylish Design Elements

Incorporating practical and stylish design elements into your bathroom remodel can make the space more comfortable and functional. For instance, consider a double vanity to ease the morning rush or a walk-in shower for accessibility as you age. Storage is another crucial design element, so think about incorporating built-in shelves, shower niches, or vanity with ample storage space.

Easy Ways to Save

While a bathroom remodel can be expensive, there are easy ways to save without sacrificing style. For example, you could refurbish an old dresser as a unique bathroom vanity. Or, instead of replacing your entire bathtub or shower, consider refinishing it for a fresh, new look at a fraction of the cost.

Remember, the goal of a bathroom remodel should be to create a space that you’ll enjoy for years to come. While it’s important to consider trends and potential resale value, ultimately, your new bathroom should reflect your personal style and meet your specific needs.

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Bathroom Remodeling Trends in 2023 to Watch Out For

The year 2023 has brought an array of exciting trends in bathroom design, combining practicality, sustainability, and aesthetics. Here are a few key trends to consider for your bathroom remodel:

  • Sustainable and Eco-friendly Designs: More than ever, homeowners are prioritizing sustainability in their bathroom remodels. From water-saving fixtures like low-flow toilets and showerheads to energy-efficient lighting and ventilation systems, there’s a growing focus on eco-friendly design elements.
  • Smart Bathroom Technology: The smart home trend has made its way into the bathroom. From voice-activated lights and temperature-controlled smart showers to digital faucets and even self-cleaning toilets, technology is making bathrooms more convenient and luxurious.
  • Natural Materials: Incorporating natural materials like wood, stone, and plants brings a calming, spa-like aesthetic to bathrooms. Expect to see plenty of floating wood vanities, stone countertops, and indoor plants in 2023 bathroom designs.
  • Bold Colors: While neutral color palettes are still popular, more homeowners are adding pops of bold color to their bathrooms. This can be done through accent walls, bold-colored cabinets, or even vibrant tiles.
  • Large Format Tiles: Larger tiles are trending in bathroom design as they create a sleek, clean look with fewer grout lines. Not only do they make a small bathroom appear larger, but they’re also easier to clean.
  • Open Showers: Walk-in, open showers are becoming increasingly popular due to their accessibility and sleek design. They can be customized with various fixtures, tiles, and features to create a relaxing shower experience.
  • Luxury Tubs: Freestanding tubs are making a significant comeback, serving as a centerpiece of the bathroom. Whether it’s a soaking tub or a clawfoot tub, it adds a touch of luxury to the space.
  • Bold Lighting Fixtures: Lighting is an important aspect of bathroom design, and in 2023, we are seeing bold and statement lighting fixtures, including pendant lights, chandeliers, and even wall sconces.

Remember, trends come and go, and while it’s good to be informed about what’s current, the most important thing is that your remodeled bathroom suits your personal style and meets your needs.

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Emphasizing Natural Lighting and Modern Designs

One of the key elements being embraced in modern bathroom designs is the inclusion of natural lighting. Incorporating large windows or skylights can dramatically transform your bathroom space, making it feel larger, more welcoming, and more connected to the outdoors. Moreover, natural lighting is not just aesthetically pleasing; it can also contribute to energy savings by reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day.

  • Working with an Interior Designer: While many people feel capable of planning and executing a bathroom remodel themselves, hiring an interior designer could be a wise decision. An experienced interior designer will have a keen eye for detail, helping you choose the right elements to achieve your dream bathroom. They can suggest the right mix of materials, colors, and fixtures, ensuring that everything from your toilet paper holder to your bathroom fans fits perfectly within the overall design.
  • Modern Bathrooms: Simplicity and Functionality: Modern bathrooms have become a popular choice among homeowners due to their emphasis on simplicity, clean lines, and functionality. These designs often include sleek plumbing fixtures, frameless glass shower enclosures, and minimalistic cabinetry. Ceramic tile is a common choice for flooring and shower walls in modern bathrooms due to its durability, ease of cleaning, and wide range of style options.
  • Choosing the Right Plumbing Fixtures: Your choice of plumbing fixtures can significantly impact the overall look and feel of your bathroom. From faucets and showerheads to sinks and toilets, these components should align with the style you’re aiming to achieve while also providing reliable functionality.

Remember, while aesthetics are crucial, quality should not be compromised. It’s worth investing in high-quality fixtures from reputable brands that offer durability and warranties to ensure that your bathroom will stand the test of time. In 2023 and beyond, a bathroom remodel is not just about following the latest trends but creating a space that reflects your personal style, meets your functional needs, and adds value to your home.

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DIY Bathroom Remodeling or Hire a Professional?

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, one of the biggest questions homeowners face is whether to take a DIY approach or hire a professional. There are pros and cons to both, but it’s essential to understand the complexity of a bathroom remodel before diving in.

A bathroom remodel isn’t just about replacing tiles or painting the walls. It involves intricate tasks like plumbing, electrical work, and installing fixtures, which require a high degree of skill and expertise. If done incorrectly, these tasks can lead to significant problems and additional costs down the line.

Furthermore, a professional contractor will be well-versed in building codes and regulations, ensuring your remodel meets all legal requirements and standards. Failing to adhere to these can lead to fines and problems when you decide to sell your property.

Here are the main reasons why hiring a professional contractor for your bathroom remodel is a wise decision:

  • Expertise and Experience: Professional contractors bring years of experience and specialized knowledge to the table. They know the best methods to achieve the results you want, and they can anticipate and prevent potential problems that may not be evident to the untrained eye.
  • Quality of Work: While DIY projects can be rewarding, they rarely match the level of quality provided by a professional. Contractors have access to professional-grade tools and materials and have the skills to use them effectively.
  • Time and Convenience: A bathroom remodel can be a time-consuming process, especially if you’re trying to juggle it with other commitments like work or family. A professional contractor can dedicate their time to your project, ensuring it’s completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Peace of Mind: Perhaps the biggest advantage of hiring a professional is the peace of mind it provides. Knowing that your remodel is in the hands of a skilled professional allows you to relax and look forward to enjoying your new bathroom.
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While hiring a professional may seem like a more significant upfront investment, it can save you from costly mistakes and ensure a smooth, successful remodel. Remember, the goal of your remodel should not only be a beautiful bathroom but also one that is functional, durable, and adds value to your home.

Bathroom remodeling is an exciting endeavor that can transform one of the most important spaces in your home. However, the journey towards achieving your dream bathroom is laden with decisions and considerations. From deciding the budget and understanding the latest trends, to choosing whether to go the DIY route or hire a professional contractor, every choice can significantly impact the project’s outcome. But with these top bathroom remodeling tips for 2023, you’re now equipped with the knowledge you need to ensure a smooth and successful renovation.

The objective is not just to create a space that’s aesthetically pleasing but one that’s also functional, comfortable, and adds value to your home. Most importantly, don’t rush your decisions. Take your time to plan out your remodel and make sure it aligns with your lifestyle needs and personal style. With proper planning, a clear vision, and a bit of patience, you can create a bathroom that serves as a private sanctuary for years to come.

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