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How Much Does Spider Control Cost?

Despite being one of the most feared creatures in America, there are only three types of spiders in the United States that are venomous. However, they can be unsightly and discomforting to have in and around your home. They can also cause indirect damage to structures due to the biological matter that is often emitted through feces and half-consumed meals. 

Getting up in the morning and walking outside only to get a face full of fresh spider webs is reason enough to seek out spider pest control. With the increase in invasive spider species making their way to the United States, the need for pest control will only increase.


While this could be tough on homeowners’ pockets, there are options for spider control at a reasonable price. Read on to learn more about spider pest control costs and what hiring a pest control expert can do for you.

Spider Pest Control – Do You Need It?

As mentioned above, there are only three types of venomous spiders native to the United States out of the more than 3,000 identified species. Let’s take a look at these creepy crawlers and then some other issues that even non-venomous arachnids can cause to your home. 

Black Widow

Perhaps the most recognizable name in American spider taxonomy, the Black Widow spider is also pretty easy to identify thanks to the bright red hourglass coloration on its thorax. 

Black Widow

Black Widows, as their name suggests, are extremely venomous, and hundreds of people have died from their bites since records started being kept on the subject in the 1950s. They live primarily in outdoor areas with plenty of moisture and darkness.

Preventative measures that can be taken include clearing the areas around your home of debris, such as leaf litter and garbage. They have also been known to live under or in outdoor furniture and sheds or storage buildings. In an especially creepy turn of events, one of the most common black widow bite situations includes men who sit on the toilet in an outdoor toilet, and we’ll just leave the rest to your imagination.

Black widow spiders are of particular concern to outdoor enthusiasts and campers who use port-o-lets, porta potties, or outhouses to do their business. These are favorite hiding spots for them as they are seldom used and meet all of the criteria for structures they like to inhabit. 

Brown Recluse

The Brown Recluse (also known as the “fiddleback” is another extremely venomous arachnid that comes with the added concern of enjoying the cool, dark areas inside structures of homes such as basements or storage areas. 

brown recluse

While a bite from the brown recluse is decidedly less lethal, it can have a truly lingering effect on the area of the body that sustained the bite. The venom from a fiddleback is very necrotic, meaning that it kills and liquefies the soft tissue and skin immediately surrounding the bite. 

For real, I still have a hole on the inside of my left ankle from a brown recluse. Check your shoes. Call an expert to get rid of them.

These creatures also enjoy dark, damp areas like the black widow. Also similar to the black widow, they are known for hiding out in shoes and under beds or other furniture. As a victim of a brown recluse bite, I can tell you that it is worth the extra few seconds to check and shake out your shoes or boots.

Hobo Spiders

Nowhere near as nomadic as their name may suggest, Hobo spiders are native to the Northwestern United States. They are funnel dwellers, which is to say that their webs are funnel-shaped.

Hobos will sit at the bottom of the funnel and wait for a meal to land on their web and get stuck. Once they sense the vibration caused by the unlucky insect’s arrival, they emerge and envenomate their dinner.

BUY-SMARTER Branded Image

Like the brown recluse and the black widow, they have necrotic venom that quickly decomposes the tissue of whatever they’re going to eat, making it easier for them to consume. 

Hobo spiders are not very good climbers, so if you happen to encounter one, it is likely to be close to or at ground level. The hobo spider’s startling speed is another reason why many folks have come to fear them. They have a top speed of forty feet per second!

Non-Venomous Spiders

There are thousands of species of arachnid in the United States, and arachnophobia is a prevalent fear. As such, most people would rather not have even non-venomous spiders in or around their homes. 

While spiders can be beneficial, they are ugly, and having spider webs everywhere can lead to other issues in the home.

Factors That Determine The Cost of Pest Control

There are many different factors that go into the quote that you will get for your spider control service. Let’s go over some of those factors and explain why they may cost as much as they do.

How Soon Do You Need Pest Control?

Spider pest control experts are busy from August to November in most areas of the United States. This is because this is the time frame during which spiders are most visible as they begin to move around more in preparation for winter.

Spider Types

When people see more spiders, it becomes more urgent that they get pest control. During these months of the year, your pest control costs are going to be higher as pest control technicians have to work longer hours, and their schedule gets filled up. Therefore, the more flexible you are with your schedule, the less it is going to cost.

If you are having a  spider pest control emergency, it will cost even more because a pest control expert will have to inconvenience other customers by rescheduling their previously scheduled appointment or being later than expected.

Where Do You Live?

Prices for spider pest control can vary depending on what region of the United States in which you live. For instance, if you live in a remote or rural area, it may cost a bit more because of drive time and availability of other pest control services.

Additionally, if you live in an area where prices are generally higher for goods and services, then your pest control cost is also going to be higher. Pest control companies have to buy the same equipment or chemicals that you would have to buy for the above-mentioned higher price.

Another consideration might be the amount and type of spider pest control for which you are in need. If you need service due to some kind of rampant emergency, black widow, or brown recluse infestation in a new home that you’ve purchased, for instance, don’t expect a quote on the low-dollar end. 

The most considerable reason why your locale can affect your spider pest control cost, however, is the different species of spiders that may reside in your area. Their size, mating habits, and web construction preferences can affect your need or desire to obtain a quote for spider pest control costs. 

What Kind or Size of Infestation Are You Experiencing?

Your spider pest control cost may fluctuate a bit depending on the kind of pest control needed or the magnitude of the infestation. 

For instance, if you’ve purchased an older home as a project and find that there is a larger than-normal population of brown recluse spiders in the attic, you may get a much higher quote due to the health hazard alone. 

Additionally, if the pest control expert must use several different methods of extermination or control, the cost may be higher. This is due to increased supplies and materials costs along with the higher labor cost associated with the health risk.

A Brand New Creepy Crawler

The Joro spider is growing in number in the Southeastern area of the United States. These big ugly creatures have made their way into the United States and are beginning to thrive, especially in the Southeastern part of the United States. 

While they are non-venomous, they are big, ugly, and prolific. They can overtake an entire lawn in a matter of days with their blanket-style webs and giant bodies. They are known to send arachnophobes running for the hills. 

Unfortunately, their population and range show no signs of slowing. Spider pest control services may have to charge a significant amount more when it comes to these new residents. The jury is still out on a way to not only control but prevent their massive takeover of a homeowner’s property. 

Top Five Biggest Spiders in the United States

While we’re here, let’s rank’em! The size and meanness of these otherwise necessary organisms play a large part in how dire the need may be to seek out spider control. We’ll go from five to one, with one being the biggest, most prevalent arachnid in the United States.

  • Joro Spider
  • Common Wolf Spider
  • Brown Recluse
  • Orb Weaver
  • Carolina Wolf Spider

There aren’t any behemoth spiders like the Giant Huntsman native to the United States. The Carolina Wolf Spider is big enough to make your stomach drop, however. I’ve taken a picture of one in which the flash from my camera caused a reflection in its giant eyeballs.

They’re not venomous, but no one wants things like that showing up at their next dinner party. Besides, just because they are not considered “venomous” doesn’t mean that they won’t pack a wallop if they get backed into a corner and decide to bite!

So What Is the Average Cost?

All things considered, you’re looking at around $300 on an annual basis for a routine spider pest control treatment. As mentioned above, there may be factors that change this price, but you can generally expect them to run in this price range. 

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While pest control can be much more expensive when it comes to other types and species of pests, many folks might see $300 on average as a small price to pay to rid themselves of the waking nightmare that is a surprise indoor spider encounter.

In fact, you may even be saving money in the long run if your region has a history or proclivity toward venomous spiders – medical bills are huge for chemical prescription treatments and topical treatment of severe venomous spider bites.

Why Hire a Professional Instead of Doing It Myself?

Sure, you can buy some kind of “home treatment” at your local hardware store, but you’re not likely to resolve this issue. Spider pest control costs are usually very affordable, even compared with a store-bought spray. Often, those sprays may even be harmful to you, your children, or especially your pets. 

Get a Quote From a Professional in Your Area

There are many factors in play when it comes to the cost of spider pest control. If you’re looking for an honest opinion on great local contractors, you should contact a third party that connects you with the right company.

Regardless of the spider species or your home region, there is likely a pest control company that can fulfill your needs within driving distance of your home or property, so obtaining quotes is your best course of action when it comes to saving cash.

Rather than searching the internet for hours on end, simply call an advisor who can locate and identify the best company for you.

When you need advice on the cost of services ranging from pest control to construction, home improvement, or even food and beverage services, be sure to check out our blog for more information or for advice on who to contact in your area.

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