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Custom Vending Machine Options You Need to Consider in 2023

Vending machines have come a long way from dispensing candy bars and soft drinks. They’ve evolved into high-tech retail outlets capable of selling a wide range of products, from electronics and beauty products to unique products one wouldn’t usually associate with a vending machine. Here’s what you need to know about custom vending machine options you should consider in 2023.

The Evolution of Vending Machines

Vending machines have been around for decades, but their potential as versatile, convenient, and cost-effective retail channels has only recently been tapped. The explosion of technology, including smart payment options, digital screens, and sophisticated product handling systems, has expanded the possibilities for vending machines.

Today, you can find vending machines selling beauty products in airports, unique products in hotels, and fresh food in office buildings. Micro markets, self-service mini-stores that typically offer a wider range of products than traditional vending machines, are also on the rise, especially in workplaces.

Customization Options for Vending Machines

One of the first key steps in understanding the best vending machine choice for you, is by first understanding the customization options available on the market today.

Product Selection

The most obvious way to customize a vending machine is by choosing the products it sells. While traditional snacks and drinks are still popular, consider exploring non-traditional vending products. For instance, vending machines can sell beauty products such as skincare items, makeup, or hair accessories. Other unique products could include books, toys, electronics, or even local artisanal goods.

Payment Options

Modern vending machines offer a range of payment options, from cash and cards to mobile payments and even cryptocurrencies. Offering a variety of payment methods can increase customer convenience and boost sales.

Digital Screens

Digital screens can serve multiple purposes on a vending machine. They can display product information, play promotional videos, or even serve as an interactive interface. Customizing the content on your vending machine’s digital screen can improve the user experience and drive sales.


Vending machines can now be connected to the internet, allowing for real-time inventory tracking, sales analytics, remote pricing updates, and more. This connectivity can help you manage your vending machine more efficiently and make data-driven decisions to maximize profits.


Customizing the look of your vending machine with your brand colors, logos, and other design elements can make it more attractive and serve as a form of advertising.


Considerations When Choosing a Custom Vending Machine

When deciding on a custom vending machine, there are several factors to consider:

  • Product Type: What you’re selling will determine the type of vending machine you need. For example, beauty products may require a different dispensing mechanism than food items.
  • Location: Where your vending machine is placed will impact what products are likely to sell well and how much traffic your machine will receive.
  • Demographics: Understanding who your customers are can help you choose the right products, payment options, and branding.
  • Budget: Custom vending machines can range in price depending on their features and complexity. Be sure to factor in not only the upfront cost of the machine but also ongoing costs like restocking and maintenance.

Custom vending machines offer exciting opportunities for selling a wide range of products in a convenient, automated manner. From beauty products to unique items, the possibilities are nearly endless. By carefully considering your product selection, payment options, digital screens, connectivity, and branding, you can create a custom vending machine that meets your business needs and appeals to your target customers.

Are Vending Machines Profitable?

In the world of passive income sources, vending machines are a viable and often overlooked option. While the profitability of a vending machine can vary based on numerous factors, including product selection, location, and operational costs, when implemented correctly, custom vending machines can be highly profitable, particularly in high-traffic areas.

Profit Potential of Custom Vending Machines

Custom vending machines offer a unique advantage over traditional vending machines due to their flexibility in product offerings. While standard vending machines selling common items like drinks and snacks face stiff competition and need to sell large quantities to make a profit, custom vending machines selling unique products or niche items can charge higher prices and cater to a specific consumer base.

  • For example, a vending machine selling high-end beauty products in a luxury hotel or a busy airport has the potential to generate a significant amount of income. Similarly, a vending machine offering unique local artisanal products in a tourist hotspot can attract a constant stream of customers willing to pay premium prices for convenience and novelty.
  • The potential profitability of a vending machine increases exponentially when placed in high-traffic areas. Malls, airports, universities, hospitals, and office buildings are locations that typically have a high footfall. Having your vending machine in a place that sees a lot of passers-by increases the likelihood of impulse purchases and repeated sales.
  • Moreover, micro markets—essentially, self-service mini convenience stores—have shown tremendous profitability in corporate settings, where employees appreciate the convenience of grabbing a meal, snack, or even personal care items without leaving the premises.

Balancing Profit with Costs

While the income potential is important, it’s also crucial to consider the costs associated with running a vending machine. These can include:

  • Initial Investment: This is the cost of the vending machine itself, which can vary based on the machine’s size, features, and customization.
  • Stock: This is the cost of the products you’re selling. Depending on what items you choose to vend, this could range from minimal (for low-cost items bought in bulk) to substantial (for high-end or unique products).
  • Maintenance: Vending machines require regular servicing to keep them functioning correctly and looking clean and attractive.
  • Rent: If you don’t own the location where you place your vending machine, you might need to pay rent to the location owner.

By effectively balancing the potential income from a custom vending machine with the costs of operating it, vending machines can indeed become a lucrative business venture.

Vending machines can certainly be profitable, especially those customized to sell specific or unique products in high-traffic areas. However, like any business, success requires careful planning, a clear understanding of costs versus potential income, and diligent management.


Where is the Best Place for a Vending Machine?

Choosing the right location for your vending machine is a critical aspect of your business strategy. The location can significantly impact the machine’s visibility, accessibility, and profitability. When selecting the ideal spot for your vending machine, consider the following:

High-Traffic Areas

High-traffic areas tend to be the most lucrative for vending machines because they provide the most visibility and the highest number of potential customers. These can include:

  • Transport Hubs: Airports, bus stations, train stations, and subway stations see a constant flow of people, many of whom are looking for a quick snack, drink, or last-minute purchase.
  • Shopping Centers and Malls: Shopping malls have high foot traffic and people looking to make purchases. A vending machine can offer a quick and convenient option for shoppers.
  • Schools and Universities: Students and staff often need quick access to snacks, drinks, and other supplies throughout the day, making educational institutions a great location for vending machines.

Areas with Limited Access to Retail

Areas that lack convenient retail options can also be profitable locations for vending machines:

  • Office Buildings: Workers may appreciate the convenience of grabbing a quick snack or drink without leaving the building. Micro markets are particularly successful in these locations.
  • Hotels: Guests often need items at odd hours when shops may be closed, or they may simply appreciate the convenience of buying snacks, drinks, toiletries, or travel essentials without leaving the premises.

Locations with a Captive Audience

Finally, consider places where people may need to wait or where they are likely to spend extended periods:

  • Healthcare Facilities: Hospitals, clinics, and health centers often have people waiting for appointments or visiting patients. Vending machines can offer food, drinks, and even small comfort items.
  • Gyms and Recreation Centers: People may want a quick snack or a drink before or after their workout, making gyms a great spot for vending machines.
  • Community Centers and Libraries: These places often serve diverse populations who may benefit from the convenience of vending machines.

Remember, the “best” place for a vending machine can vary depending on the products you are selling and your target customers. Understanding your customer demographics, preferences, and habits can help you select the most profitable location for your vending machine. Always consider the appropriateness of the products for the location; a vending machine selling high-end beauty products may do well in a luxury hotel, but less so in a children’s recreation center. With careful planning and strategic placement, a vending machine can become a profitable addition to your business portfolio.

How Much Does a Vending Machine Cost to Invest In?

Investing in a vending machine can be a promising business opportunity. However, it’s essential to understand the associated costs to estimate the potential return on investment accurately. Here’s what you can expect to spend when investing in a vending machine.

Initial Investment: Purchasing the Vending Machine

The cost of a vending machine varies significantly based on its type, size, functionality, and degree of customization.

  • Basic Models: A standard snack or soda vending machine may cost between $2,000 and $3,000. These models typically have basic functionality and a limited range of product slots.
  • Specialized Models: Machines designed for specific products (like hot beverages, fresh food, or beauty products) or those with advanced features (like touch screens or connectivity) can range from $3,000 up to $10,000 or more.
  • Custom Vending Machines: Customized vending machines, tailored to fit your branding or specific product needs, can vary widely in cost. Depending on the level of customization, prices can reach up to $20,000 or more.

Operational Costs

Beyond the initial investment, running a vending machine business also involves ongoing operational costs:

  • Product Stock: This cost will depend on what items you’re vending. For snack or beverage machines, this might be a few hundred dollars per month. For machines vending high-end products, this cost can be significantly higher.
  • Maintenance and Repairs: Routine maintenance helps to keep your machine in working order and can cost around $100-$200 per year. However, repairs for breakdowns or damage can be significantly more.
  • Utilities: If your machine is electric (as most are), you’ll need to account for the cost of electricity. This cost is typically minimal but can add up over time.
  • Location Lease: Unless you own the space where you’re placing your machine, you might need to pay a monthly lease or a commission to the location owner. The cost can vary widely, from a fixed fee arrangement to a percentage of your machine’s profits.

Additional Costs

Finally, don’t forget about potential additional costs:

  • Transportation and Installation: Depending on the size and weight of the vending machine, you may need to pay for professional transport and installation.
  • Payment Processing Fees: If your machine accepts credit card payments or mobile payments, you’ll need to account for payment processing fees. These are usually a small percentage of each transaction.
  • Insurance: You may also want to invest in insurance to protect against theft, damage, or liability, which is another ongoing cost to consider.

The cost of investing in a vending machine can vary greatly depending on many factors. It’s crucial to factor in all these costs when calculating potential profitability and return on investment. While there is a significant upfront cost, a well-placed and well-managed vending machine can generate consistent passive income over time.

How Smart Vending Machines Can Increase Your Customized Vending Machine Quality

In recent years, the vending machine industry has seen significant advancements in technology. From the adoption of cashless payments to the introduction of smart vending machines, these technological innovations are revolutionizing the customer experience and the business model of vending machines.

The Emergence of Smart Vending Machines

Smart vending machines are equipped with touch screens, internet connectivity, and advanced software. They offer customers a significantly improved purchasing experience while also providing vending machine operators and owners with detailed analytics and remote monitoring capabilities. This digital transformation is shaping the future of the vending machine industry and presents a wealth of opportunities for those willing to invest in these advanced technologies.

Enhanced Customer Experience

The touch screen interface on smart vending machines offers a more interactive and user-friendly experience than traditional machines. High-quality visuals and clear product information, combined with the ability to browse and select products easily, make the purchasing process more enjoyable for customers. This could result in increased sales and customer loyalty.

Advanced Features and Capabilities

Smart vending machine manufacturers are developing innovative features to attract and retain customers. For instance, some machines come equipped with conveyer belts instead of traditional coil dispensers, allowing for the vending of a broader range of products, including fragile or irregularly shaped items.

These machines can also cater to various spaces such as break rooms in offices or recreational centers, offering more than just snacks and beverages. From personal care items to electronics and even apparel, the possibilities for what smart vending machines can dispense are virtually endless.

80% of Consumers Who Don’t Compare Prices Overpay Branded

Real-Time Inventory Management

One of the significant advantages of smart vending machines is the ability to monitor inventory levels in real-time. This feature allows owners to track which products are selling well and which aren’t. Consequently, owners can optimize the product mix based on real-time data, improving sales and reducing the chance of items going out of stock.

Remote Machine Management

Smart vending machines can be controlled and managed remotely, thanks to their internet connectivity. This includes tracking sales, scheduling restocking, and even troubleshooting some issues without having to physically visit the machine. This increased efficiency can significantly reduce operational costs and increase profitability.

The integration of smart technology into vending machines has the potential to significantly enhance the quality and profitability of your customized vending machine business. As customer expectations evolve and the demand for a more seamless, digital buying experience grows, investing in smart vending machines may become a necessity rather than an option for vending machine operators. With their superior functionality, improved customer experience, and efficient operation, smart vending machines represent the future of the vending machine industry.

Key Considerations When Customizing Your Smart Vending Machine

Customizing a smart vending machine involves much more than selecting products to sell. It also includes tailoring the user experience, branding the machine, and ensuring secure transactions. Here are some critical factors to consider:

Technical Support

Given the complexity and advanced technology involved in smart vending machines, robust technical support from your machine manufacturer is crucial. This ensures any issues that may arise – from screen malfunctions to software updates – are addressed promptly and professionally. Also, if you are planning to offer cashless payment options, support for these systems is essential.

Branding and Screen Graphics

Customizing the appearance of your vending machine, including the company logo and screen graphics, is vital for branding. The touch screen offers an opportunity for interactive graphics and engaging displays to attract customers. High-quality, vibrant screen graphics can enhance visibility and attractiveness.

Mobile Phone Compatibility

In our increasingly digital world, compatibility with mobile phones is a significant factor. Customers appreciate the convenience of paying with mobile wallets or even via dedicated apps. Additionally, offering promotions or loyalty programs through mobile devices can enhance customer engagement and increase repeat business.

Privacy Policy and Security

When accepting cashless payments, whether credit cards or mobile payments, a strong privacy policy is crucial to protect your customers’ personal information. Ensure your machine is equipped with secure transaction technology and clearly communicate to customers that their data is secure.

Credit Card Payments

Accepting credit cards opens up your vending machine to a wider audience, as many people prefer cashless transactions. Consider machines with built-in credit card readers or contactless payment options to facilitate this.

Customizing a smart vending machine involves careful consideration of many factors. With the right approach, you can create an engaging, user-friendly, and secure vending machine experience that sets your business apart. By integrating cutting-edge technology and considering the points mentioned above, your smart vending machine can be a unique, convenient, and profitable addition to your business or organization.


Choosing from the Top Customized Vending Machine Suppliers in 2023

Selecting the right supplier is a critical decision when investing in a customized vending machine. You want a supplier that provides high-quality machines, offers robust technical support, and has the capacity to customize according to your specific needs. Here are the top customized vending machine suppliers in 2023 to consider:

  1. Innovative Vending Solutions: Known for their extensive customization options and cutting-edge technology, Innovative Vending Solutions offer a wide variety of smart vending machines, including touch screens, mobile payment capabilities, and customized graphics.
  2. American Vending Machines: This supplier has earned its reputation by providing durable and reliable vending machines that can withstand high usage. They offer customization options and excellent after-sales support.
  3. Selectivend, Inc: With over 90 years in the industry, Selectivend offers a wealth of experience and a broad range of vending machines. Their custom options include branded wraps and the ability to vend a variety of unique products.
  4. SandenVendo America: Known for its advanced vending technologies, SandenVendo America provides highly customizable machines. They offer cutting-edge payment solutions and can adapt machines to vend a wide array of products.
  5. Betson Enterprises: A trusted name in vending, Betson offers a wide selection of machines. They provide comprehensive customization, including branded decals, unique product configuration, and payment system options.
  6. Vendnet USA: Vendnet provides high-quality machines and excellent technical support. They offer customization options such as machine wraps and various payment systems.
  7. Royal Vendors: With a wide selection of vending machines, Royal Vendors is recognized for its innovation and quality. They offer customization, including screen graphics and branding.
  8. U-Select-It: U-Select-It provides a wide array of vending solutions with multiple customization options. They also offer a high degree of connectivity for their smart vending machines.
  9. Seaga Manufacturing Inc.: Offering a broad variety of vending machines, Seaga also provides numerous customization options, including unique product configuration and branding options.
  10. Crane Merchandising Systems: Crane is a global leader in vending machines and offers a range of customization options. They are known for their quality and provide excellent customer support.

Remember, the best vending machine supplier for your needs will depend on a variety of factors, including the types of products you wish to vend, your budget, and the level of customization you require. Consider these options and make the choice that aligns best with your business needs and goals.


Pushing Boundaries with Custom Vending Machine Suppliers

When it comes to the custom vending machine industry, your only limits are your imagination and the capabilities of your chosen supplier. An experienced custom vending machine supplier can help you create a machine system tailored to your individual needs. This can significantly enhance your outward presentation and brand reputation, attracting more customers and increasing sales.

  • For example, if you run a gym, you might want to consider vending machines that cater specifically to gym members. This could involve vending health supplements, protein bars, or even gym accessories such as branded water bottles or towels. With the right supplier, you can also customize the machine to accept specific forms of payment, such as a gym-specific machine token or membership card.
  • The outward presentation of your vending machine can significantly influence customer perceptions and behavior. With the right customization, your vending machine can seamlessly blend in with your brand’s aesthetic and environment, creating a more harmonious customer experience. Some suppliers can even customize the machine’s exterior to mirror your brand’s color scheme and logo, further enhancing brand recognition.
  • Custom vending machine suppliers with many years of experience in the industry have the expertise to advise you on the best approaches to meet your unique vending needs. They can guide you on everything from product selection to machine placement, helping you to maximize your return on investment.

The advantages of customizing your vending machine with the help of an experienced supplier are manifold. Not only can it boost sales and customer satisfaction, but it also enhances your brand’s outward presentation and appeal. The possibilities for customization are vast, so don’t hesitate to discuss your individual needs with your chosen supplier. With their guidance and your vision, you can create a vending machine system that truly stands out.

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